Greencode: Sustainable Java architectures for low power consumption and better cost/performance


In this talk, we will discuss the importance of sustainability as one of the pillars of modern software architectures in addition to other pillars such as scalability, performance, security, availability, and manageability. Sustainable architectures are architectures that help understand and quantify the environmental impact caused by the computing resources consumed, applying best practices to reduce such impacts.

More specifically, we will discuss optimization of logs for lower compute and storage consumption exploring Universal Logging JEP158, Z-STD for compression, review of costly code (smoky code) and convert to green code, choices of suitable network protocols for lower cost communication, scheduling strategies for processing long-lived batches, x86 vs Arm hardware architectures, and also storage lifecycle strategies using different tiers from the hottest (fastest and most expensive) to the coldest (slowest and cheapest).

We will end with a brief presentation of how AWS can help improve the sustainability of your architectures and demo the new Customer Carbon Footprint Tool (CCFT).