Simone de Gijt

Simone de Gijt

Kotlin & Java Software Developer @ OpenValue

Simone is a 29 year old scuba dive fanatic, who loves to dance, sing and go on adventures. She lives in Amsterdam and is currently working for OpenValue Amsterdam, as a Java and Kotlin software developer consultant.

She loves to be in a group, mingle, collaborate, talk and explain. But she wouldn’t want to work without the excitement and satisfaction she feels when developing a new feature. She’s defined by the combination: social but nerdy!

Wired! How your brain learns new (programming) languages

Mission 1

How much do you know about the way you are wired? About the computer we call “our brain”? Of course we know that we use it every day, but are you also aware of the fact that all of us are in some sense linguistics. We analyse, study and perfect language every day. For us, […]