Johan Janssen

Johan Janssen

Architect @ ASML

Johan is working as an architect at ASML. He has been working for various demanding companies where rapidly delivering high-quality software was very important. Johan regularly writes articles for InfoQ and Java magazines, mainly around Java. He spoke in 20 countries at more than 40 different conferences such as JavaOne, GOTO, Devoxx, JavaZone, J-Fall, J-Spring, Jfokus and JavaLand. Johan received the JavaOne Rock Star and Oracle Code One Star awards.

Java’s Hidden Gems: Tools and Libraries


This session is a whirlwind tour of many lesser known, but very interesting, Java tools and libraries. We’ll have a sneak peak at dozens of tools to improve security, builds, architecture, tests and other areas. After this session you’ll surely have learned something new, which you can further investigate whenever you want to apply it.