Kate Stanley

Kate Stanley

Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat

Kate Stanley is a UK based Software Engineer working on Kafka and event streaming at Red Hat. She has experience running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes, developing enterprise Kafka applications and writing connectors for Kafka Connect. She also specialises in cloud-native Java applications and microservices architectures. Kate is a Java Champion, a LinkedIn Learning course author and has co-authored an ebook on Java microservices. She also contributes to many open source projects, including the Kafka operator Strimzi. Kate enjoys sharing her experiences and has presented at conferences around the world, including the Devoxx UK, Kafka Summit in San Francisco and Jfokus in Sweden.

What you can learn from Connect’s use of Kafka

Mission 1

Kafka Connect lets you build pipelines that flow data into and out of Kafka. Its appeal lies in being able to do this declaratively without using any code and reusing a large number of plugins developed by the Kafka community. But how does Connect works under the covers? And what makes it highly scalable and […]